About Loudoun Islamic Center

Loudoun Islamic Center is a diverse, non-sectarian, multi-ethnic, broad-minded community, committed to gender neutral, non-discriminatory policies and practices that encourage equal participation and involvement of men and women who are members of LIC and endorse its rules, regulations and procedures, by virtue of their membership.
We believe that once our heart is filled with the fear of God, we will benefit by the Qur’an. Fear and consciousness of God is the quality that opens a person’s mind to the true guidance contained in the Qur’an. It is the fear of and the love for Allah SWT that is the driving force behind LIC’s commitment to serving the community.

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Our History

Under Construction

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Leadership and Community?

Loudoun Islamic Center, Leesburg founding members

  • Bashir Mohamed
  • Dr. Kaleemullah
  • Fahim Pasha
  • Mohamad Sharif
  • Iqbal Hasan
  • Asif Aslam
  • Aqeel Rehman
  • Khalid Khan
  • Mustafa Mohamed
  • Imam Suleiman Jalloh
  • Hassan Al-Harethi

Mission and vision

Loudoun Islamic Center (LIC) – is an idea beyond just a community center or a place of worship that leads its followers to learn, understand and live eternal message of Almighty God!
Our vision is to provide a platform and opportunity to all to learn and understand the True and Peaceful message of Almighty God (Allah SWT); Al-Qur’an!

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Members of Loudoun Islamic Center

Please register and become a member of our community. Once registered, you will receive notifications and updates on events being held at the center.